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Our focus on matters concerning important administrative law matters, particularly those concerning human rights, mean that many of of cases have far reaching implications. We will strive to provide important news concerning our work on this page.

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Press Statement (HCAL 15/2015)

Press Statement (HCAL 15/2015)An application for leave to apply for judicial review was filed in Court on 30 January 2015.  The case challenges the HKSAR...Read more

October 2014 'Refugee and Non-Refoulement Law in Hong Kong: The Introduction of the Unified Screening Mechanism'

Mark Daly's article, 'Refugee and Non-Refoulement Law in Hong Kong: The Introduction of the Unified Screening Mechanism', appeared in the October 2014 edition of 'Hong...Read more

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9/9/2013 - 'Hong Kong's New Asylum System Harder to Exploit' SCMP

The Immigration Department has claimed the new Unified Screening Mechanism set to take place at the end of 2013 will plug the loopholes in the...Read more

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9/11/13 - 'Work Ban on Refugees Could Threaten Society' - SCMP

On 9 November 2013 the South China Morning Post printed an article entitled, ‘Work Ban on Refugees Could Threaten Society’ (attached).  The article discusses the...Read more

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8/9/2013 - 'UN Concern at Plight of Hong Kong Asylum Seekers Living in Squalor' - SCMP

UN has warned the Hong Kong Government that it is failing to ensure their right to an adequate standard of living in relation to asylum...Read more

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28 February 2014 - 'Foreign Domestic Workers Across Asia Rise Up Over Exploitation' - The Guardian

An article regarding foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong speaking out about their working conditions and being treated like second class citizens appeared in 'The...Read more

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27/7/13 The Pearl Report - 'Life in Limbo'

The Pearl Report recently featured a program on the plight of refugees in Hong Kong.  The Report looked at, in particular, the system of ISS...Read more

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27/6/2013 Hong Kong Government finally introduces a unified system to screen asylum / non-refoulement claims in Hong Kong

3 months after the judgment in C & Ors, the Hong Kong Government has decided to introduce to the Legislative Council, on 2 July 2013,...Read more

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25/3/2013 BBC - "Hong Kong court denies domestic worker residency"

"Hong Kong's top court has ruled that domestic workers are not eligible to apply for permanent residency, ending a two-year battle that has split opinion."

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23/9/13 'Government Admits to Putting Asylum Seekers in Homes Not Fit to Live In'

South China Morning Post - Social Welfare Department has admitted its contractor in charge of asylum seekers' welfare is housing clients in homes not fit...Read more

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21/5/14 - 'Refugee-screening System Slammed as Confusing 'Shambles''

An article appeared in the 'South China Morning Post' (also online) entitled, 'Refugee-screening System Slammed as a Confusing 'Shambles'' discusses the report released by the...Read more

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19/8/14 SCMP - 'Filipino Maid's Son Born and Raised in Hong Kong Loses Permanent Residency Bid'

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18/9/2014 Gutierrez Joseph James, a minor, by Gutierrez Josephine B, also known as Gutierrez Josephine Balando, his mother and next friend v Commissioner of Registration & Registration of Persons Tribunal

Joseph, now 17, is the son of a Foreign Domestic Worker.  He was born in Hong Kong and has lived his whole life in Hong...Read more

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18/7/2013 'Ways to Improve Situation of Refugees, Torture Claimants and Asylum Seekers in Hong Kong' - Our Written Submission

A special meeting will be held on Monday 22 July 2013 at 3pm, entitled 'Ways to Improve Situation of Refugees, Torture Claimants and Asylum Seekers...Read more

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18/2/2014 - GA v Director of Immigration - Right to Work

The Court of Final Appeal judgment in the relation to the right to work case (GA v Director of Immigration) was handed down today.  This...Read more

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18.3.14 Arbitrary Arrest of Human Rights Defenders

Two prominent human rights activists, Mr Ruki Fernando and Rev Praveen Mahesan, have been arbitrarily arrested and detained in Sri Lanka.  Action is required to...Read more

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16/7/2013 'Hong Kong Relents Over Refugees' from 'The Wall Street Journal'

An article in The Wall Street Journal (attached pdf document), entitled ‘Hong Kong Relents Over Refugees’ (16/7/13), notes the announcement of the Hong Kong Government’s...Read more

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16/4/2013 Immigration chief gives Sri Lankan refugee temporary right to work in HK

Immigration granted one of the Applicants in MA & Ors, who is also the first screened-in torture claimant, permission to work on a discretionary basis....Read more

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15/12/13 - 'My Life' Mark Daly

Mark Daly appeared in the South China Morning Post's 'Post Magazine' on Sunday 15 December 2013.  The article talks of Mark Daly's competitive drive that...Read more

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13/4/2013 Sri Lankan first to win Hong Kong asylum under new appeal process

We are thrilled that one of our long term clients has finally become a successful torture claimant pursuant to a decision made by Mr. Ian...Read more

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